About Rocket Financial

Learn more about Rocket Financial, and the values that set us apart.

Our Mission

At Rocket Financial, we want to enable our clients to innovate and disrupt their space by easily incorporating payment and banking capabilities into their business. We help clients accelerate their businesses through our platforms to shorten time to market, improve product competitiveness, and increase financial performance.

Our Values

We understand that as a mission critical provider, our level of care is central to our client’s success. We aim to support that success by helping clients navigate the hurdles of security and stability, with platforms that are innovative, easy to use, and provide solid, reliable delivery.

Who We Are

Rocket Financial is passionate about leveraging new technology to create tools that work for our clients. But we know business solutions are not one size fits all. That’s why we believe in building tools designed with ease of access and flexibility at top-of-mind, that are easy to implement and adaptable to different business models.

Bringing innovative, easy to implement financial solutions is what we do. We’re ready to help clients integrate those solutions into applications and processes in ways that are unique to them.

Michael Shvartsman,

Businesses today need financial solutions that are on the cutting edge, built with the modern era in mind. That’s why Rocket Financial is working towards the future of financing.

Our Commitment To You

We understand that it’s not enough for our financial solutions to simply work. Security of your business’s and your clients’ information is paramount.

That’s why we’re committed to following best in class encryption standards, process
standards, and maintaining our PCI Level-1 Certification. We are fully committed to
delivering the highest level of security possible to our clients, offering peace of mind when utilizing our products.